National Campaign to Defend Black Migrant Lives

Our Demands

Not one deportation more! 

Care for our Haitian brothers and sisters!

Black Immigrant Lives Matter!

Let them in!

Restore Asylum!

No more detention!

Revoke Title 42!

Participating Cities


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Free haitian refugees now

Haitian Bridge Alliance is calling for demonstrations in cities around the country on Thursday, October 14, in support of people from Haiti, Black migrants, and all immigrants fleeing persecution and seeking a better life.

We were under the bridge in Texas with thousands of Haitian migrants for weeks desperately helping our brothers and sisters suffering and in need. We saw for ourselves the Border Patrol agents on horses abusing and terrorizing Black parents and children seeking safety.

As bad as that was, Biden made it worse.

In mere days President Biden forced six thousand of our brothers and sisters, your brothers and sisters, back to Haiti. Many were forced back in shackles to a country devastated by American intervention, racist policies, and climate chaos. Eight thousand more were forced back to refugee camps in Mexico.

Now we are calling on you.

We need you to protest at federal buildings and congressional offices and to raise your voice in outrage.

Biden’s actions violate the dignity, human rights, and right to asylum of all migrants. Deportation will be a death sentence for many.

Biden’s own envoy to Haiti resigned in disgust, calling his actions “inhumane.” The New York Times said the deportations were “worse” than what Trump did.

And it will become worse and worse if we don’t act. The torture, killings, concentration camps, ripping babies from mothers is a preview of a future in which heavily militarized borders and white nationalism collide with climate chaos and social upheaval.

We need you to act now. We need all our supporters, all our allies, all those who love justice and despise oppression to rally, to vigil, to protest on Thursday, October 14.